Straight Talk. Practical Solutions.

It has been an honor to serve you on the Town Council. I took my oath of office very seriously to uphold and defend your liberties. Some people are surprised but there are a significant number of issues that we deal with locally. Over the last three years we have faced free market, second amendment, free speech and property rights issues. We needed someone in Gilbert not Washington to make sure the right vote was made. There are several watchdog groups that keep track of our voting records and I am pleased to have been recognized as a conservative candidate. For example I was named “Hero of the Taxpayer” by Americans for Prosperity. Even the Arizona Republic has referred to me as “the most conservative candidate.” I’m also honored to have received recent endorsements from Congressman Matt Salmon, Supervisors Denny Barney and Steve Chucri, Senate President Andy Biggs, Representative Eddie Farnsworth and Warren Petersen, GOP LD12 Chair Mickie Niland along with the rest of GOP LD12 board.

While there are too many examples of successes to list here, there are two that should be highlighted. I am happy to report we have seen an increase in volunteerism in Gilbert. As the Director of For Our City – Gilbert, I have seen our volunteer interest continue to increase as we reach out in the community with meaningful service opportunities. One of our local non-profits has reported that the support has continued between service day events which is really the long term vision of these efforts. We have run this organization without a single tax dollar of support which is a testament to the goodness of our citizens. Another success we have seen is the creation of an Independent Regulatory Advocacy process. This provides a place for business owners and individuals to go to receive help, direction, and even be a part of regulatory reform as an ongoing process of improvement.

While we have made progress, there is still much work to do. I continue to have a desire and passion to continue to represent you on the Town Council. With your help we can continue to see victories for the citizens of Gilbert.


Victor Petersen
Gilbert Town Council
602-332-7432 cell